Can I get a full stack app with no-code?

What are the real limits for no-code tools? And if they are so powerful, why don’t all companies switch to them instead of hiring full stack developers?

Full stack demystified

Wherever you look now, you see the word “full stack”. There are full stack developers (who are always needed and can cost you a fortune). There are “full stack apps” and “full stack projects”. But the trick is, most of people don’t actually mean technical full stack when they refer to it.

Technically, full stack means a system that connects the front end. That is, what users see and how they interact with your app (like, web design). And the back end (how it all works behind the scenes, all the databases and workflows, automations and small actions that happen when users do this or that). Back end also refers to the servers, hosting services and other service providers. Like, MailChimp, for instance. In other words, full stack is like “all-inclusive service” in a hotel. You pay some extra to get bedding, food and spa massage. Without having to reach out for your wallet at least five times a day.

Yes, you can

In this particular sense, the answer to the question in the title “Can I get a full stack app with no-code?” is a define “YES”. Not every no-code platform allows you to get comprehensive, features-rich, functional applications and scalable, but most of them, do. Most importantly, they let you make minor changes without hiring a full stack developer. For instance, using on, you can get a full scale marketplace (like Amazon, or Udemy, no kidding!) with dynamic pages for goods, categories and users. Moreover, you can easily establish your marketplace commission and charge sellers a certain percentage for every deal they make on your platform.

Secondly, you can get a social network (like Tinder, or Twitter, or LinkedIn) and monetize it through selling advertising opportunities. Further, you can create an online event platform (like, Eventbrite or Meetup) and sell tickets for virtual meetups and parties. That is to say, opportunities are limitless. And, above all, you receive your product or MVP in weeks, not months or sometimes years, as it often happens with regular coding.

Why don’t we all do it?

Then, you might reasonably ask, why don’t we all do it? Why many firms keep on spending thousands on full stack developers, if everything they need could be done with no-code. Well, to answer this question, you have to understand that even such a fast developing industry as software still pretty conservative. There are practices established by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and if you don’t spend at least couple of month in a garage, coding and gobbling gallons of coffee, you’re like not a real startup founder. What are you going to brag about in your Forbes interview, after all?! On the other hand, many startups are founded by developers and it’s reasonable that people use their knowledge and skills to get a result they’re looking for. Finally, there are many people (do you belong to this widely spread category, by any chance?), who don’t consider no-code platforms “a real deal”. Though, the later have proven their value and abilities a number of times.

Self-sufficiency is questionable

Also, let’s not forget that you actually can’t build anything really worthy with no skills and experience in no-code. Even though, some platforms (like, Unbounce, V.One or Webflow) offer user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop structure and more or less easy to learn principles. Still, if you want your app to be perfect in every detail (performance, speed, responsiveness, design) or requirements are somehow different from standard ones, offered in templates, – and if you are, indeed, launching a startup, let’s presume you’ve got in mind something really unique), – you need someone, who knows how to turn a template into a unique application.

If we get back to our “all-inclusive service” example, you have to agree, that everyone can cook a more or less edible dinner, make a bed or get your lower back, arms and legs a rub. But, the experience you get in a hotel with professionals offering you all-inclusive services is beyond comparison. Ad luckily, there are always special offers and discounts you might use to get a better deal.
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