Alsmark Team

We’re a diverse team with over 5 years of experience in remote work of supporting startups and growing ventures. We’ve been partnering with various customers all over the globe. There’re entrepreneurs, visionaries, designers, marketing experts and developers to assist you on every step of your business journey.


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About us

We love challenging projects, hard customers and impossible deadlines

Sounds crazy, right? Still, here we are, a remote team of entrepreneurs, data analytics, designers, visionaries, creators, developers who came together and started working “from home” long before 2020 trends. We’ve been digital nomads for years. However, we’ve never been pushed to keep up with project’s deadline. Some of us have kids, some run side projects and even full-scale businesses. But as Alsmark Team we are here to create a digital product for you that will be great, affordable and delivered in weeks, not months. Our agency’s focus is to support startups as well as growing ventures providing affordable, ROI-focused, result-oriented and high-velocity digital services.

And this is how we do it:  we draw upon our expertise, knowledge and hands-on experience in various industries, such as Telecom, e-Commerce, Wholesale, SaaS, edTech, Sport marketing to contribute to your growth and success.

Our mission


We’re here to have your back.

We’re here to help support startups and help them navigate through first most challenging stages of their journey. On every step: from ground zero and further.

We’re here to assist established firms in improving their business processes through adoption of digital, data analysis and business modelling practices.

Validate ideas, prototype and build MVPs : fast and affordable

Create branding and digital marketing strategies: data-driven solutions

Digital services from web-design to logo, to full-scale project launch: ROI-focused

Our team

Startup Founders

Project Managers

Experienced Designers


Data Analysts

Brand Strategist


  • 52 years of experience put together.
  • 38 independent projects.
  • 18 team projects.
  • Customers locations: US, Canada, Europe, Russia.


  • Moscow State University (Russia).
  • University of Manitoba (Canada) .
  • Draper University (USA)
  • University of Pensilvania (USA)
  • University of Alberta (Canada)
  • Web Design Specialisation
  • Software Product Management Specialisation
  • Math & Economics
  • Entrepreneurship Specialisation


  • 4 award winning designs
  • 3 startups went with us from ground zero to serious players with VCs to back their growth.
  • Close connections to 6 private funds in the US and Europe and opportunities for dealflow.

Some of our Works

“In Alsmark we work a lot with startups supporting early stage ventures. As a result we focus our efforts on maximising efficiency for customers. Startups are mostly tight on budget, that is why we offer solutions that will be both fast and value-for-money.”

Architecture Engineer, No-code Developer

“I have my own startup dealing with crowdfunding. I love that right after solving my business problems I can offer hands-on experience not only as a professional designer but also as an entrepreneur to first-time founders. ”

Web-designer, Brand strategy developer

“Every time I build data analysis in our client’s company I learn something new and eager to use this knowledge with the next customer. It’s a constant process of discovery and that what keeps me glad I’ve chosen data analytics as my speciality .”

Data Analyst, Data Architecture Engineer

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