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Social media: cheap and fast

What kind of social media can you get in 4 weeks?

Social networks like facebook

Firstly, it’s not that hard to get an application with features similar to Facebook or LinkedIn in 4 to 5 weeks. Secondly, it won’t cost you a fortune as you might think.

With Alsmark Studio you will get a social media network within a month and for less than $11,000. Furthermore, it will be a scalable application to support your growth in future. 

media networks like medium

Likewise, we’ll be glad to help if your dream is to provide people with a platform where they can share their views and ideas. We are eager to assist you in building a platform with an indirect monetization model (through ads, for instance). As well as in getting a direct monetization model app (like Medium), where users are paid per views or by donators.  

Bookmarking and curation “boxes”networks

As the buzz of all the content around us grow louder, organisation or “curation” is getting more and more popular. The most famous network to build upon this growing trend is, perhaps, Reddit. There are also Pinterest and Flipboard. By giving people a tool to save and share what they like, you might create a totally new market. Certainly, we’ll be excited to help you on your journey.  

Matching apps like upwork

There always will be a demand for a perfect match. For instance, some look for co-founders. Some – for dates. Others need more contractors or people to share the meals with.
Therefore,  local, global, language- and industry-specific demands for matches creates a network that involves millions of users. The market opportunity is huge. Don’t miss a chance to build upon it.


Social media features

What you would get in 4 weeks

Chats and conversations

A chat feature is important if your app helps people to network. It is totally essential for Facebook-like, Twitter-like or matching platforms (for instance, like Upwork).


Most of social media networks need a search feature. It is very important for users to be able to sort inn-app content. Above all, “time to content” (that is, time people spend trying to get to a specific content) is reduced considerably with the Search feature.

Social reaction (like, upvote, comment)

Is this feature really that essential? But if you think about it, social media is all about social reactions. People subscribe and follow, they want to express their attitude as well as see, what other users think or feel. Social media networks are certainly unthinkable without social reaction features.

User generated pages

Social media networks let users create their own pages. User profiles or posts. Possibly, products that users want to sell.  Professional portfolios. Real estates for rent. Travel experiences. Possibilities are endless. Certainly, you already have a clear understanding what type of pages does your social media network need.


Social media network: cheap and fast

Get an app in 4 weeks

Week 1: Professional design mockups for review and validation;
Week 2: Application MVP framework built on Adalo;
Week 3: A web-based application deployment;
Week 4: A hybrid application (for Apple Store and Google Play) deployment.

Alsmark Studio

Why build social media network with us

high velocity

Perfect timing is the most important factor in launching startup, according to YCombinator. We offer you a hand and help to get you product to the market ahead of your competitors. 

Predictable pricing

You don’t have to control every hour of developer’s work. You don’t have to monitor every step we take. Our pricing is fair and transparent. Most importantly, it doesn’t depend on developers’ time. We get paid for the results, not for the time we spend working on yoir project.

Price-quality ratio

Are you ready to invest thousands hundreds in your social media app? If not, we’ll be a perfect choice. If you’re still on the idea stage, or looking for an easy way to get your traction. Or if a social media app is just a side hustle for you. In all these cases you obviously don’t want to spend a fortune on development. Therefore, you’ll be exited to find out that we can provide you with a fully functional social media app for as much as €3,500.  


timing and pricing policy

Our pricing and timing depends on individual product and every customer needs but we want to give you an idea on how affordable your social media application might be.

Basic package

No-code application


Starting from 4 weeks

Fully functional web application

Up to 3 interactive features with dynamic data (like messaging between users, comments, likes, etc.)

Admin dashboard (optional)

Landing page

Email automation

Connection to other application via API (like You Tube, Google Sheets, Airtable, AWS etc.)

Page scrapping for SEO and social networks

Upgrade package

No-code application


Starting from 5 weeks

Fully functional web application

Up to 7 pages

Up to 5 interactive features with dynamic data (messaging, reviews, user content upload, etc.)

Admin dashboard

Landing page

Email automation

Login with other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.)

Page scrapping for SEO and social networks

Premium package

No-code application


Starting from 8 weeks

Fully functional web + mobile application

Up to 7 pages

Up to 5 interactive features with dynamic data (like messaging between users, reviews, etc.)

Admin dashboard

Landing page

Email automation

Login with other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.)

Page scrapping for SEO and social networks

Other Services


Get your professional clickable prototype for digital product ready within a week. Use it to reach out to first customers and collect their feedback to add more perfection to your final product.

Get a quote » Starts from $500

Brand and go to market strategy

Fine-tune your key messages based. Gain a deeper knowledge of not only what your customer wants, but also how your “go to market” should be implemented . Get a logo and a style guide.

Get a quote » Starts from $2000

Idea validation

Make sure you can build a business upon your idea. Get your product-market fit with customer interviews, surveys and analytics. Gain valuable and actionable insights.

Get a quote » Starts from $750

Pitch Decks and Sales Presentations

Smart, bright, professional and spot on pitch decks and presentations on demand to drive to action perspective investors, partners, co-founders and other stakeholders.

Get a quote » Starts from $750

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