So, do you guys have a phone number I can call or office I can drop by?

Great that you’ve asked. And no, we don’t have an office you can drop by (this actually contributes to our low prices). We’re fully remote company and we have personnel in Canada, Cyprus, Nigeria and Russia. However, we’ll be exited to jump on a Zoom or Skype call with you to discuss how we might help your business. Hopefully, after 2020 it doesn’t sound as exotic as it used to.  
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Frequently Asked Question

How do I order one of your services?
This one is pretty easy.

  1. Send us a request through contact form with broad idea of what you’re looking for.
  2. We’ll arrange a virtual meeting to discuss details.
  3. We’ll draw an agreement describing precisely what you’re paying for and what results to expect as well as the timeline of the project.
  4. We get 50% prepayment and roll out to work on your project.
  5. When the job is done we bill you for the rest 50% of our fee.
  6. If you need monthy support we’re able to bill you monthly.
Are there revisions included?
With some services (like, Pitch Decks, propotype, web design etc) we specify how many revisions are incluuded in a package. You can save ang get less revisions, or you can pay extra and get more revisions. With data analysis, however, the whole work is based on multiple revisions from both sides, so we don’t specify the number included in a package.

But the short answer is “yes”, there are revisions.

I only have an idea. can I reach out?
You’re welcome to reach out in any case. However, if you count on us investing in your idea, we have to inform you that we don’t invest directly in startups we deal with. But we have a vide net of partnerships in the US, Canada and Europe and we’re always exited to refer our customers to private funds we cooperate with.
Are package prices for real?
Yes, they are. We know that some of them look way too small if you compare with market average. But we manage to keep our pricing quite competitive due to the fact that we cut’ve to zero our office spendings (including coffee and cookies, though some of us honestly miss them)
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, you can pay for our services with a credit card. Some of our customers are startup founders who have not formed a company yet. They prefer to pay with PayPal or personal cards.
I want a unique service, not a package
You certainly can get a unique combination of our skills and expertises. Just reach out for us and let’s discuss what exactly can we help ypu with.
Can you provide me a full stack developer?
We prefer to deal with software products from idea to MVP stage and onwards.  If you come to us and say that, you don’t need a validation or MVP, you want to start building a full stack application from scratch, we most probably would decline this amazing opportunity to work with you. We believe that our strong side is hands-on experience and deep understanding of startup community. If you need only a development you’d better hire a developer.
I only need a new website. Can you help?
We certainly can and will. Our services include not only “fancy” brand strategies, data analysis, MVP development but also web design, logo design, style guides, video editing and even 3d space design if you need one.
What is your company jurisdiction?
Right, it’s important for some customers. Our company is registered in Cyprus, so you’ll be dealing with us under European laws.
Is there a refund policy?
Even with most of packages you don’t have to pay 100% of our fee in advance. We insist on 50% prepayment and start working after receiving funds. You pay the rest when you get the result. Or, if a project presumes monthly activities, we bill you monthly by the end of the month.

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