Here are some amazing companies we have a pleasure to cooperate with. Some of them skyrocketed from humble startups to platforms with thousands of users, some have been bought out by large corporations, some are still on the way to global success.


Web application development

Educational platform for startup founders

Entrytoo – educational platform for startup founders with elaborate inn-app features like cashflow forecast calculation, co-founders matching, surveys builder, competition map builder etc. The app includes 14 weeks-long educational course and was build in 2 months

Web Application Development

Two-sided platform for foodies

 Cook For More is a two-sided platform with elements of social networking (like LinkedIn). Food bloggers upload their recipes and get paid, based on minutes users spend viewing their  videos. Users interact between each other and chefs using Community feature where they can sort users by location, food preferences, activity, reviews, etc.


New ad campaign for graphic tablets

Ugee is a good tool for designers just starting out. This entry-level tablet has many features that new artists may find appealing. Our new branding solution’s goal was to attract more attention among designers.

Data analysis

Golden data for telecom operator

Alsmark Team member’s expertise has contributed to marketing efforts efficiency growth of regional telecom operator (NASDAQ: GLDN). By partnering with data, financial and marketing communications teams we reviewed and audited the data extracted from ERM systems for completeness and accuracy. Based on acquired information we helped generating actionable insights, and shared the results with company’s stakeholders. We also assisted with translating data into marketing strategies. Our experience in solving business problems using data and analytical methods has contributed to company’s marketing budget efficiency: due to our efforts the budget lose had decreased to 3% and marketing surveys became 25% more accurate.

go to market strategy package

Cryptocurrency keys restoring service

SafeStead is a Canada based service offering new authentication protocols for cryptocurrency holders. It’s a startup that has been launched in 2020 and has shown considerable growth within first 4 months. Alsmark expertise has been used to assist SafeStead team with go-to-market strategy, perspective partnerships research and customer discovery.

web site redesign & data analysis

Thai products distributor

Ecotrade Premium is a Thai food products distributor from Russia. In 2018 company was struggling with sales decline and inefficient marketing budget allocation. They’ve been running unfocussed campaigns in social networks, but they only increased costs while contributing nothing to sales funnel.
Alsmark Team’s expertise has been used to create fully new web site with online ordering option. We have also ran SWOT analysis, identifying most lucrative marketing channels. As a result company now spends 25% less on marketing while experiencing sales increase over 18%.

Web application development

Subscription based balcony decoration sets


Balconizer – subscription-based service offering members annual delivery of balcony decoration sets. Type in your balcony parameters and get an awesone stylish designer’s set delivered to you in days. Starting from $65/months

Some of our services


Get your professional clickable prototype for digital product ready within a week. Use it to reach out to first customers and collect their feedback to add more perfection to your final product.

Get a quote » Starts from $900

Brand and go to market strategy

Fine-tune your key messages based on consumer insights. Gain a deeper knowledge of not only what your customer wants, but also what is your shortest “go to market” rute. Get a logo and a style guide.

Get a quote » Starts from $2000

Building an MVP

Get your first real product ready in weeks instead of months. Fast and cheap MVP = saves your budget, energy and time to be spot on and attract more users after your launch.

Get a quote » Starts from $3500

Pitch Decks and Sales Presentations

Get smart, bright, professional and spot on pitch decks to present to potential investors, partners, co-founders and other stakeholders. In other words, get your unforgettable first impression.

Get a quote » Starts from $750

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