Data Analysis For Sales & UX Audit

Data analysis for more efficient sales and marketing

We review your existing digital channels and find strong and weak links. We collect and analyse data to translate insights into actionable plans, scalable processes and digital marketing strategies to get your business to the next level.

Data analysis

Review, audit and analyse data extracted from your systems to create clear view of the business and it’s bottlenecks

Dashboards creation

Create dynamic dashboards to make your processes transparent and manageable


Data insights translated into actionable plans and digital marketing strategies (from email campaigns to SEO)

UX Audit

Analyse and review current users experiences while they interact with your digital assets

UX Redesign

Redesign your digital assets architecture and workflows to fit better into user experience and journey

Why data analysis for sales

As a small business owner or manager you might think that data analysis is too fancy to be useful within your firm. You might even presume that it’s a tool implemented only by large corporations like Google or Facebook. That is definitely not the case. On the contrary, data analysis is applicable to businesses of any size and field. Whether you have developed a small application for project management. Or you are running an online store. Business analytics is a key stone for your success and it is the crucial tool for boosting your sales. Most importantly, without seeing clearly what your business processes are about, what bottlenecks do they have and where they can be improved, you can’t manage your firm with maximum efficiency.

However, it doesn’t all ends on sales. Data analysis will help you to improve other processes too. Research shows that accurate and meticulous data analysis helps with:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Customer relations
  • Branding
  • Hiring
  • Internal communications

Why work with us

Our team has over 5 years of experience in data analysis and various customers across the globe. We have cooperated with large local telecom corporations providing useful actionable insights on marketing strategy. As well as small family-ran businesses with owner alone covering procurement, sales and marketing functions.  Our company has satisfied customers in the US, Europe, Canada and Russia. We can be on the same page with marketing, legal, developers and general management. Being involved in many projects over the years, we certainly know what the expectations are and how to deliver.

Make business transparent

Visualise all key processes

Acquire actionable insights

Data analysis for sales stages


Define business goals and what your expectations are. Let’s discuss your KPIs, sales funnel and timeline


Let us help you collect data and structure it into easy to use readable format with dashboards and tables


Subsequently, we run the model several times to make sure it works, while providing you coaching and support


Finally, we help implement recommendations driven by data analysis in your digital marketing strategy and UX design

Our team

Years of Experience

Large Projects

SME Projects


    • Data analysts with degree in Math&Economics.
    • Former head of Data Analytics Department Rostelecom.
    • Former Head of Data Analysis Golden Telecom.


      • Wholesale sector
      • e-Commerce sector
      • SaaS
      • Media and Education
      • Telecommunications and IT

Reported outcomes

      • 25% drop in procurement costs
      • 15% increase in marketing budget spend efficiency
      • 30% increase in internal communications efficiency
      • 90% more data-driven decision making process.

Data analysis for sales

Golden data for telecom operator

 Alsmark Team member’s expertise has contributed to data analysis for sales and marketing efficiency of a regional telecom operator (NASDAQ: GLDN). By partnering with legal, financial and marketing communications teams we reviewed and audited data extracted from ERM systems for completeness and accuracy. Subsequently, based on acquired information, we helped generating actionable insights, and shared the results with company’s stakeholders. Most importantly, we assisted with translating data into marketing strategies. Our experience in solving business problems using data and analytical methods has contributed to company’s marketing budget efficiency. Due to our efforts the budget loss has decreased by 3% and marketing surveys became +25% more accurate.




“The work was done properly and in time. We got valuable insights based on accurate data collection and audit. ”
Fred Ledbetter

VP of Marketing, Golden Telecom

“Awesome team, awesome job, awesome ability for remote work that doesn’t interfere with the results.”
Lev Segal Shor

Project Manager, Cycurity

“Great experience with Alsmark Team. Speed, efficiency and deep understanding of customer’s business needs”
Zoe Nexter

CFO, Agility Investment, USA

Data driven business problems solutions

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