Digital branding

Integrated approach to design, marketing and sales

Let’s explore and define your vision together. Let us help you do technical or design research, as well as customer discovery. Get your project off the ground or boost efficiency, based on data-driven solutions


Digital Strategy

Product and customer discovery. Unique selling proposition. Branding and design. Marketing and content plan

Digital Design

Brandbook package: logo, style, color pallete, visualising. Basic coaching on using design elements

Selling Presentations

Creative, smart, reusable and spot on selling presentations to impress your stakeholders

Email Campaigns

Build your email communication with leads and customers, automate workflows and increase sales


Build your communication campaign with customers in social networks. Content plan and ads

How do we work



We look at your business not only as designers and developers, but as entrepremeurs. In other words, we begin with business challanges and together define a solutions that are best for you and your venture.

Complex product


Your product is too complex and sales funnel is too long? 


Content marketing + email marketing + SEO. Technological architecture improvement and sales force education.


Smooth and fast lead generation. Sales growth due to integrated efforts and coordination between marketing and sales force. Sales funnel improvement due to more focused marketing campaigns

Lost among competitors


Not sure what your competitive advantages are? Are your really that different from your competitors? Is price competition inevitable?


Product discovery leading to unique selling proposition creation.


Increase in revenue due to more balanced pricing policy and introduction of certain premiums. More focused and efficient marketing campaigns.

Innovation gap


Can’t create new products or services? Whatever you do is “off” and don’t give an expected boost in sales?


SWOT analysis, data analysis, trendy technologies adoption (AI, VR, IoT etc.).


A boost in idea generation due to new tools and services. Focused efforts and selected idea adiption based on company’s profile and market trends forecasts



We think as business persons, taking into consideration multiple possibilities. Our solutions, above all, aimed at boosting your sales, cutting your losses and improving your proccesses quality

Marketing automation


You can’t efford top talents to do your marketing job 


Marketing automation. Over 80% of processes in marketingcan and should be automated. You don’t need a top-talent to tap buttons when your emails are scheduled to send. Build transparent and easy to implement protocols – and you can hire colledge students to do the rest


Considerable drop in marketing expenses without loosing quality

Website management


You’re definetely not a tech savvy person. Do you have to hire a developer each time you need to change a button color on your web-site? 


Web-site migration to easy to use and understandable “LEGO-like”platforms (Wix, Tilda) or using plugins for WordPress (Elementor).


You don’t need a professional to implement any changes on your website. You get far more managable tool and a considerable cut in digital budget

Personal branding


You suspect that if your last name was Musk and the first one Elon you might have sold your products more and better. But you’re not sure how to become one


Personal branding strategy development. Understanding and use of trendy platforms for personalities to be noticed (Medium, Product Hunt, etc.)


Customer awareness growth, hiring process gets far more easy as your name becomes more recognisable

New branding strategy

Writing pens manufacturer

Pen manufacturing is not exactly the most innovative business you can think of. Pen usage has dropped considerably in recent years due to the vast spread of digital devices. Most pen manufacturers are investing in B2B market, trying to get access to enterprises and their administrative departments.
However, pen manufacturing company Bluepen set out to use different strategy in order to increase sales. The goal was to target end users and reach out to young, creative writing people, increase their brand awareness and motivate to purchase pens for every day usage.
As a part of digital branding, Alsmark Studio created a new corporate style with trendy elements and design appealing to younger audience. Moreover, we helped Bluepen get noticed among Medium readers, highlighting key messages and ideas.

Looking to boost your sales?

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