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Easy launch within weeks

Speed is crusial when you’re launching a startup. Competitive pricing, technology, design perfection – they all become useless if your timing’s off. Don’t miss the right moment. Don’t leave competitors a chance. Launch fast with Alsmark.

Idea validation
Gain understanding of what solutions will relieve the pain of your target audience and what increases their joy. Discover what motivates them and find out what that means for your product.
How fast can we prototype? Give us a week and your first Prototype to test the idea will be ready
Building MVP
We build fast and iterative, so you can put a real product in the hands of real users, within coupke of weeks, instead of months.
Branding Strategy
Let’s discover your product together. We’ll help you define clear user journeys and objectives that engage better with your customers. We’ll fine-tune the mesage and your target customer segment
Let’s build a roadmap how your product will reach your customers. Research and analyse competitors, refine pricing pocily, get valuable insights on channels to use
Pitch Decks
Bright, smart, creative and straight to the point pitch decks to use on demo days, during negotiations with banks or perspective partners.

Featured Work

Building MVP

Two-sided platform for foodies

Cook For More – two sided platform with element of social network. Food bloggers upload their video recipes and get paid according to time users spend watching their clips. Users can communicate between each others and with chefs by using community feature where users can be sorted by location, food preferences, platform activity, reviews, etc.

“It is still excites me how fast Cook For More was built. After two month after MVP launch we found out we have to pivot. And the pivot was made in 3 more weeks. It’s awesome.”

Co-founder, Cook For More

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